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   Monday, February 24, 2020 

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad & Tobago: Natural Wonders

 Nature & Wildlife     

There are a variety of wildlife in Little Tobago (Bird of Paradise Island) a 450 acres sanctuary just off the northern coast near Speyside. It has an excellent collection of various wildlife specimen for the size of the island. Here is home to over 200 different species of birds, over 100 different species of butterflies, 16 types of lizards, several kind of frogs and many different types of snakes. Trinidad was known as the land of the hummingbird. It has 41 hummings, 47 species of snakes, 60 types of bat, 433 species of birds , over 600 species of butterflies, iganas and more than 40 species of snakes including the bushmaster and the coral snake.


The rainforests of Trinidad are more to the north of the island. The slopes of these hills are covered with creepers and form a canopy of flowering trees. Many parts of Trinidad and Tobago have been designated as national parks, wildlife reserves and protected areas A trip into the forests of Trinidad will bring you close to exotic mammals in exotic places. Animals like monkeys, anteaters, armadillo, deer, crab-eating raccoons, otters, fayras, ocelots, peccaries, manatee and large rodents , like the agouti, paca and the porcupine which are often hunted and cooked as delicacies. The Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture should be contacted for guided tours and hiking information.The national parks are the Caroni and Nariva Swamps, Chaguaramas, and Madamas, Maracas and matura. Fort King George, just outside town and the 14,000 acre rain forest preserve is well worth visiting..There are organized tours for extended visit are simply for a days hike.


Caroni Bird Santuary . This is the home of Trinidad's national bird, the scarlet ibis- the birds are a wonderful sight as the flock to Caroni's mangrove trees to roost at sunset. The swamp supports a wide variety of wildlife, 150 species of birds including ospreys, herons, white flamingoes, plovers and egrets. Tours leave every evenings with flat-bottomed boat with benches. The Trinity Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is west of Guayaguayare. It is home to a large variety of armadillos, birds, monkeys and possums..

The Valencia Wildlife Sanctuary is home to various types of birds. Agouti, deers, pigs and the tatoo.


The Nariva

The Nariva swamp is the largest freshwater swamp in Trinidad. Touring by kayak is recommended. This mode of transportation allows you to travel more quietly as it allows you to glide through fields of water lilies observing butterflies , a variety of birds, hawks , monkeys and parrots

The Caroni Swamp

The Caroni Swamp is home to the roosting place of the scarlet ibis and egret. The best time to visit this area is late afternoon where you can position yourself unobtrusively in through the mangroves and into the lagoon.


Trinidad has wetlands unequalled; There are fresh- water swamps, fresh- water marshes, water-logged mangrove swamps. These are restricted areas for example the Nariva Swamp. Guided tours are available.

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