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   Sunday, January 24, 2021 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! Caribbean Recipes  

The Caribbean Islands bring to you a unique ethnic collection of foods blended with herbs and spices. These recipes have evolved through the years because of the various cultural influences including the Arawak Indians (the original inhabitants) and the maroons. Caribbean people love to party, the only excuse needed is good food and music. These foods are spicy or mild reflecting the taste of the individual. Some dishes are subtle in taste, subtle in flavor, reflecting years of cross cultural influences. Recipes with indigenous ingredients to tantalize the most sceptical of palates. Spices and seasonings, rum-punch and rum-cakes, teas and coffees, jerk pork or jerk chicken, hot or cold sodas, solo and D&G.

At Caribbeanchoice entertaining comes easy and it is generally a casual, family style affair with a banquet of tasty food and lots of fun. First you choose some recipes from our recipe section, then you order some ingredients from our product section. Most of the recipes are very simple and require only a small amout of preparation time. You must repeat this cooking process a few times for you to become proficient at it.

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There are 405 recipes in our growing directory.

Note: Since many recipes are user submitted, there may be more than one recipe with the same name. Even though they have the same name, each may be a different version of the recipe.

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 Featured and Most Popular Recipes Today     

US-Virgin-Islands.GIF, 0 kB Sweetie Shrimp and Chicken Penne 2 Reviews  
Gungo Peas and RiceNot Rated 
Guyana.gif, 1 kB Pumpkin PoneNot Rated 
Trinidad-and-Tobago.gif, 0 kB Pepperpot1 Reviews  
Jamaica.gif, 1 kB Bootsie's Carrot CakeNot Rated 
Dad's Favourite SaladNot Rated 
Emperor Choice SaladNot Rated 
Escovietich FishNot Rated 
Trinidad-and-Tobago.gif, 0 kB Breadfruit Casserole (Trinidad)Not Rated 
Cayman-Islands.GIF, 0 kB Black Angelhair FrittersNot Rated 
Grenada.gif, 0 kB Nutmeg Ice Cream1 Reviews  
Guyana.gif, 1 kB Callaloo FrittersNot Rated 
Saint-Kitts.GIF, 0 kB Mango ChutneyNot Rated 
Aruba.GIF, 0 kB Pound CakeNot Rated 
Avocado Watercress Salad with HotNot Rated 

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 Most Popular Recipes Ever     

This list favors recipes that have been listed on this site for a long time. Newer recipes would take a long time to get on this list.

Jamaica.gif, 1 kB Jamaican Jerk Chicken11 Reviews  
US-Virgin-Islands.GIF, 0 kB Chicken Roti6 Reviews  
Barbados.gif, 0 kB Bajan Salt Fish Cake3 Reviews  
Bahamas.gif, 0 kB Johnny Cake11 Reviews  
Barbados.gif, 0 kB Bajan Sweet Bread9 Reviews  
Trinidad-and-Tobago.gif, 0 kB Pelau2 Reviews  
Saint-Kitts.GIF, 0 kB Goat Water2 Reviews  
Trinidad-and-Tobago.gif, 0 kB Currant Rolls3 Reviews  
Puerto-Rico.GIF, 0 kB Pastelles17 Reviews  
Guyana.gif, 1 kB Pepper Pot (Guyana)8 Reviews  
Saint-Vincent.gif, 0 kB Curried Goat3 Reviews  
Jamaica.gif, 1 kB Jamaican Festival Recipe3 Reviews  
Saint-Lucia.gif, 0 kB Christmas Fruit Cake4 Reviews  
Haiti.gif, 0 kB Rice & Beans (Haiti)3 Reviews  
Saint-Lucia.gif, 0 kB Sweet & Sour Chicken1 Reviews  

More Recipes... (Sorted by Most Popular Ever)

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