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   Tuesday, January 26, 2021 

Jamaica FlagFeatured Jamaica Recipes

 About Jamaica Recipes      

Mention Jamaica to any non-Jamaican and immediately he or she will respond Bob Marley! Reggae music! No problem man! Or Jerk cooking.

Is Jerk the name of a dance? Maybe!
Is jerk the name of a person? Maybe!
Then what is jerk?

Jerk seasoning is a season that is made up of various herbs and spices. Jerking is using this seasoning on various meats and cooking slowly on medium heat. The term herb is also used to describe "Jamaica Ganja" a potent illegal weed, or illegal substance or drug. Jerk was a method used by the maroons to prepare wild pigs in their fight in the hills of Jamaica against the British.

We now jerk fish, jerk pork, jerk chicken and all types of meats. The combination of herbs and spices called jerk seasoning is centuries old and is now a culinary delight a well guarded secret recipe now used in international dishes.

Jamaican recipes has culinary influences from various cultures which results in a wide range of ingredients Arawaks, Caribs, Chinese, Indians, Dutch, English, French, Africans, Jews, Syrians and Spanish. The Jamaica patties have also captured the pallets of most, spicy or mild, regular or cocktail sizes,beef or chicken.

Over proof white rum was born in Jamaica, one or two tablespoon full in a little water is the panacea for whatever ails-you-whether it be toothache, headache, stomachache, abrasions or depression. There are various flavors of beverages, big bamboo, sour sop juices popular sodas..

The vegetarian diet is now becoming a large force to reckon with because of the Rastafarianís cooking style called ital including the Rasta Pasta. This exclude salt, chemicals and meat. Shellfish and pork are unholy foods.

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5 Spice Chinese Roast Chicken
Ackee & Callaloo Bake
Ackee, Callaloo and Rice Casserole
Ackees with Veggie Mince
Alex's Chicken with Cheese Pancake
Almond Chicken
Arranged Fruit and Vegetable Salad
Avocado Guacamole
Baked Beans Vegetable Salad
Baked Chicken in Guava Sauce
Baked Fish with Yam Stuffing
Baked Stuffed Cho-cho
Barbecued Fish Rolls
Blue Mountain Stewed Chicken
Bootsie's Carrot Cake
Breadfruit with Corned Beef Stuffing
Bully Beef Scotch Eggs
Callaloo & Saltfish
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Caribbean Glazed Ham
Caribbean Pork Chops Dinner
Cheese and Tuna Casserole
Coconut Bread
Colas De Res (Oxtail)
Eggless Fruit Cake
Elagant Banana Trifle
Fluffy Cheese Rice
Grace Gungo Rice and Peas in Chicken Stock
Grace Jamaica Spiced Plantains
Grace Jamaican Patties
Grace Jamaican Pizza Biscuits
Grace Poached Fish Fillet
Grace Shrimp Curry
Irie Corned Beef Seasoned Rice
Jamaica Pineapple Avocado
Jamaica Rum Balls
Jamaican Brown Stew Fish
Jamaican Citrus Cheese Cake
Jamaican Cow Foot
Jamaican Festival Recipe
Jamaican Festival with Salted & Butter Beans
Jamaican Fricassee of Chicken
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Jamaican Meat Patties
Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup
Jerk Barbecue Vegetables
Jerk Crostini
Jerk Kebabs
Pan Fried Cassava Bread
Pasta Gumbo
Pasta Salad (Cold)
Pauline`s Kola Cinnamon Squirt
Pineapple Two-Cheese Salad
Potato Salad
Reggae Boys Salad
Roast Chicken With Bread Stuffing
Senegalese Soup (Jamaican Style)
Solomon Gundy with Penne & Fresh Tomatoes
Sorrel Ginger Sauce
Stew Peas
Stewed Beef
Stir-Fried Rice with Pork
Sweet Potato Stuffing
Tangy Pineapple Cabbage
The Famous Walkerswood B.B.Q. Jerk Chicken
The Gundy Ball Dip
Tofu Noodles in Sweet and Sour Sauce
Tun Cornmeal
Tun Cornmeal with Vienna Sausages and Vegetables
Turnips in Wipped Cream

More Jamaica Recipes...

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