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   Wednesday, January 27, 2021 

United Mexican States8 cities will disappear after 2100

By Liu Rene

 Society / Environment     

For various reasons, some cities in this century may become a "ghost town". The reasons including climate change, deforestation and the resulting adverse consequences of industrial decline caused by the outflow of population etc.. "Forbes" magazine gives the following ranking:

1. Banjul (Zambia) Disappearance reason: to enhance the sea level West African coastal countries Zambian's capital Banjul, in recent years is gradually sinking because of rising sea levels. The beaches here are suffering because of the erosion of rising sea, the surrounding beach area is also weakening day by day.

2. Detroit (USA) Disappearance reason: migration Once the world's automotive capital - Detroit also faces a major threat. In 1950, it has 185 million people, but today its population is less than half of the year 1950. It becomes one of the most population dropped cities in recent 60 years.

3. San Francisco (United States) Disappearance reason: Earthquake Researchers of California University predicted that before the year of 2086, the San Francisco earthquake occurred opportunities would up to 75% or more than that.
4. Mexico City (Mexico) Disappearance reason: lack of water, sinking It is estimated that over the past 100 years, Mexico City, continually sinking into the ground subsidence in some areas has even a 9 meters.
5. Naples (Italy) Disappearance reason: volcanic eruption Naples facing disaster, with more than a few cities in very different - a time bomb Vesuvius.
6. Timbuktu (Mali Republic) Disappearance reason: Desertification Desertification caused by sand dunes swallowed green is the edge of a number of sub-Saharan countries face serious problems. Among the cities that most threatened, is the Republic of Mali, Timbuktu.
7. Venice (Italy) Disappearance reason: sink May be a fraction of the world-famous water city will be submerged. For a century it has been sinking 24 cm.
 8. Ivanovo (Russia) Disappearance reason: population reduction Since 1990, the female population is higher than men, declining birth rate, mortality, and so the reasons for the sharp drop in population. Young people constantly run to the nearby big city Moscow, Ivanovo has not been worthy of any modern industrial development areas.

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