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Posting Events on CaribbeanChoice

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Printed Date: 18 Sept 2020 at 3:30am

Topic: Posting Events on CaribbeanChoice
Posted By: Scott
Subject: Posting Events on CaribbeanChoice
Date Posted: 02 Dec 2006 at 1:35pm
We have added a new Calendar of Events feature of CaribbeanChoice.  It is accessable via the Events link at the top of every page (in the navigation menu) and via the Calendar link on forum pages.

How to Post an Event:

To post an event, simply post information about your event in the appropriate forum.  If we like your event and it meets our guidelines, we will edit your post so that it is included on the calendar.

What to Include:

Please make sure to provide enough information so that people can attend the event and find out more information.

Please include:
  • The Name of the Event
  • A Short Description
  • Dates
  • Location (including Country)
  • Contact Information
  • A Link to the Official Website (if any)
  • Any Other Useful Information
Please provide enough information where we and our readers can verify the event prior to attending.  Usually a link to the official website will satisfy this requirement assuming they have up-to-date information on their website.

If you don't provide enough information, either your event will not be included on the calendar or we will make our own post that includes enough information.

What We are Looking For:

We are looking for major events that would be of interest to our readers.  Smaller events that are part of a larger event (such as Carnival), may be posted by you in the forum, however, they probably won't appear on the main event calendar.

Specifically we want:
  • Events in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean related events worldwide
  • Carnival and Carnival related events worldwide
  • Sporting Events where a Caribbean Team is Playing
Events that are too commercial in nature may be submitted, but they may or may not appear in the calendar of events (although it would probably still be visible in the forum).  Examples include parties, small networking events, etc.  Go ahead and post them since people may be interested in them, but note that not all events will make it onto the Calendar.  Larger, well organized events are most likely to appear on the Calendar.

Our Definition of Caribbean:

Our definition of the Caribbean is a little broader than some definitions.  We include any country that touches the Caribbean Sea, plus The Bahamas (which is technically in the Atlantic) and Key West (which is technically between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico).  This means many Central American countries that touch the Caribbean Sea would be included.

A Note of Dates:

The current version of the Calendar fo Events only supports one date per event.  If your event spans more than one day, we will typically place it in the calendar under the start date of your event.  Please DO NOT post your event multiple times to get it listed in the Calendar on more than one day.

Thank you:

And thank you for helping us fill our Calendar of Events!

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

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