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Missing ingrediant for casava pudding

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Topic: Missing ingrediant for casava pudding
Posted By: pmfparsons
Subject: Missing ingrediant for casava pudding
Date Posted: 03áNová2006 at 8:38am

I noticed that in the sweet cassava pudding , their is the eggs amount missing, can you tell me how many and if all egg is used or what part of the egg?

                                                                                              Thanks Paula

Posted By: ilam96
Date Posted: 03áNová2006 at 8:58am
ok, well since it was harmac's recipe, i think we shud wait on him...but just in case, i'm gonna go check on that...

"I cried because I had no shoe, until I met a man with no feet."

Posted By: sandra
Date Posted: 03áNová2006 at 10:53am
Hey, another Virgin Islander. Welcome pmfparsons.

Are you STT, STJ or STX?   

Posted By: pmfparsons
Date Posted: 06áNová2006 at 8:01am

  I am STX. Actually my husband emailed this site to get the amount of eggs I need to make cassava pudding. He was born in Honduras and his mom made this pudding alot when he was young. He's now retired so it's been a long long time since he ate it. I want it to be special and turn out right. Please, please just tell me what I need to do to get the correct number.

Thanks, Paula

Posted By: sandra
Date Posted: 06áNová2006 at 8:18am
Paula, I posted this message on another thread:

How many eggs, harmac? Please tell Paula.

I hope he sees it today and answers your question.

Posted By: harmac
Date Posted: 07áNová2006 at 3:57pm

2 eggs

sorry not much energy these days.

Posted By: sandra
Date Posted: 08áNová2006 at 6:03am
Thanks harmac. Sorry to know your energy level is not up too par. Take some vitamins and get plenty of rest. Check out my list of vitamins for anxiety and stress.

Posted By: harmac
Date Posted: 08áNová2006 at 8:05am
you would be surprised i am taking youur advise

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