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Caribbean Internet History

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Printed Date: 16 July 2020 at 8:43am

Topic: Caribbean Internet History
Posted By: ulticaribbean
Subject: Caribbean Internet History
Date Posted: 09 Sept 2006 at 5:43pm
The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) was recently launched. TUCH (pronounced "touch") is designed to be Your Caribbean Pathway to all the goods and services you desire. TUCH is a Caribbean Advertising and Information site which is intended to promote the Caribbean, by providing advertising space to all who are offering products, services and information with a Caribbean Connection.

There are countless sites on the internet which have a Caribbean connection, are Caribbean-related and/or are Caribbean oriented. The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage’s mission is to create a single conduit to all these sites - a Caribbean Pathway, if you will, for access to All Things Caribbean. Whether you are seeking Caribbean Travel and Vacation Information, Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean, or any other products, services or information with a Caribbean Connection, TUCH is designed to be your Ultimate Caribbean Portal for sourcing All Your Caribbean Needs.

How can one site achieve all this? Furthermore, there are sites that already providing a considerable volume of this Caribbean information. The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage is designed to accommodate a far greater volume than any existing Caribbean information/advertising site. TUCH is capable of hosting thousands of clickable images/logos on a single page. TUCH can provide this volume of advertising space to thousands of companies and individuals, by utilizing Pixel Advertising. TUCH is a Caribbean Pixel Advertising Site.

Pixel Advertising is a revolutionary new marketing technique which, in a very short time, has proven to be exceptionally effective. Potential customers browsing at TUCH (their Caribbean Pathway) will click on your image/logo and go immediately to your web site, leaving The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage.

The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) is making Caribbean Pixel Site History. It is the first all-inclusive Caribbean application of pixel advertising. The advertising grid at TUCH is divided into squares/blocks. Each square represents a block of pixels. Purchase of advertising on TUCH, also called the purchase of TUCH Pixels, is a simple process. Advertisers acquire a block or blocks of space on the TUCH grid, over which their clickable logos/images are placed. There is much more room on the grid of this Caribbean pixel site, for advertising placement, than there is on a typical Caribbean advertising/information site. In addition, TUCH has the ability to add several sub-grids to the site, when the first grid becomes full.

This is truly Caribbean Internet history. Together, we can create a single huge Caribbean directory providing access to products, services and information, offered by and/or for Caribbean people, or related/geared to Caribbean people, whether located in Caribbean region, in the United States, the United Kingdom or any other part of the world. In addition, for all those who love and/or would like to experience the pleasure of certain aspects of Caribbean culture, or simply desire to visit, relocate to, or invest in the Caribbean region and/or Caribbean ventures, this Caribbean Pathway will provide invaluable access to what can be termed TUCH-The-Caribbean resources.

Let's make Caribbean internet history together. The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) has been designed to hold your prospective customers’ attention, by pleasuring their visual and audio senses, as they browse and access your links on our advertising grid. We have the same goals. Your target market is our target market.

This venture represents a win-win situation for all. Specific internet browsers are provided with a single conduit, a Caribbean Pathway, for accessing All Things Caribbean. You, the advertisers, are provided with a new avenue to greatly increase your sales potential as ever-increasing numbers, of your targeted-traffic, converge on a single site which hosts direct links to you. The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage is currently the number one result on Google and Yahoo, when searching for "Ultimate Caribbean Homepage" or "Ultimate Caribbean Pixel". Please now proceed to visit Get in-TUCH, today.

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