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Cream of Eddoe Soup

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Topic: Cream of Eddoe Soup
Posted By: Karl A Massiah
Subject: Cream of Eddoe Soup
Date Posted: 02†Nov†2004 at 5:29pm

I am "in the market"for a recipe of cream of eddoe soup.

Please help.



Posted By: bajanqueen
Date Posted: 03†Nov†2004 at 5:37am




 I found a recipe for Eddoe soup. I hope this helps!

 900g (2lb) eddoes

 100g (1/4lb) salt meat

 100g (1/4lb) fresh meat

 1 medium onion, bunch thyme

 3-4 blades eschalot or chives

 6 cups water

 salt and pepper to taste

 1 dessertspoon chopped parsley


Peel eddoes, cut in pieces and put in water to boil with salt and fresh meat

which have also been cut in small pieces. Crush eddoes when cooked, add

seasonings and simmer till smooth. Lastly add 1 dessertspoon chopped

parsley before serving.

I assume to make it 'cream of' you will need to add double or single cream.

I found this recipe in Caribbean Cookbook by Rita G Springer.

Posted By: Karl A Massiah
Date Posted: 03†Nov†2004 at 6:38pm


Thanks for your prompt assistance!

Much appreciated!


Posted By: bruceca
Date Posted: 30†Nov†2011 at 3:17am
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