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Useful Free Software

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Topic: Useful Free Software
Posted By: Duck Sauce
Subject: Useful Free Software
Date Posted: 18 Oct 2003 at 9:10pm

Useful Free Software

For those of you who want to get some free software without breaking the law (i.e. illegally copying it), check out these links.

  • -
    A Microsoft Compatible Office Suite that can open and save Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.  It also comes with a Drawing program.  Has the ability to save files as PDFs.  It also allows you to save your presentations as Flash.
  • - Free Serif Software
    Free versions of their Desktop Publishing, Drawing & Vector, Digital Imaging, 3D Design and Web Publishing software.
  • - The Gimp
    The GNU Image Manipulation Program, a nice & free image editor.
  • - Easy Office
    Another Free Microsoft Compatible Office Suite, this time from e-press.  This one has more programs including database, contact manager, zip program, calculator, etc., but isn't quite as polished as OpenOffice is.  (Note: EasyOffice is free for personal use only, but you must purchase a license for commercial use.  OpenOffice, however, is free for commercial and personal use.)
  • - PuTTY
    A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client.  Also supports rlogin and raw mode.

That should get you started.  I've come across a lot of free programs, but these are the ones that seem to be the best quality and most useful.

I'll post more as I find them.

Posted By: Scott
Date Posted: 18 Oct 2003 at 9:59pm
Free Software (obtained legally) is always nice.

Just a reminder, though. Feel free to contribute your links to free software, but please do not post links to pirated software or discuss pirating software here.

I just wanted to mention that right away before someone posts something like that forcing me to delete it.

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

Posted By: world42
Date Posted: 06 Dec 2003 at 7:32pm

Only 12 views.  I guess people don't like free software.  Or they assume free means cheap.

I've tried some of these and they are pretty good.  I especially like The Gimp.

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