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About Submitting Articles & Reviews

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Printed Date: 06 July 2020 at 3:48am

Topic: About Submitting Articles & Reviews
Posted By: Scott
Subject: About Submitting Articles & Reviews
Date Posted: 12 June 2004 at 4:12pm


Thanks for your interest in contributing reviews and articles to CaribbeanChoice!

What we are looking for:

We are looking for articles and reviews about all things Caribbean, whether it be your experience as a traveler or as a native, or a piece of history, or information about an event or place.  We want to give our readers a taste of all that's Caribbean, and we need your help!  Some examples of possible articles include:

  • Your experience visiting a country, island or establishment.
  • Your experience being a native of a country or island.
  • Your experience participating in Carnival.
  • History about a place or event.
  • Travel tips and tricks; travel information.
  • Your favorite hotel or restaurant or other place of business.
  • Newsworthy press releases and announcements about your business.
  • Ideas on how to have the best vacation in the Caribbean.
  • and anything else you can come up with that will be of interest to our readers!

We won't publish them all, but if your article is valuable, either we will feature it in the appropriate website section or we will publish it in the forum.

Good luck and we look forward to your submission!

What Happens When You Submit an Article or Review:

When you submit an article or review, it will appear in the article submission forum until it is reviewed by our staff.  After it is reviewed by our staff, one of the following things will happen:

  • Your Submission is Approved & Published!  If we approve your article, we will move it from the submission forum and add it to the appropriate section of our website.  We only pick high quality articles and reviews to be added to the main section of our website so not all articles will meet our strick criteria.
  • Your Submission is Moved to a Forum.  If we do not approve your article for publication on our main website, we may move it to the applicable forum where people will still be able to read it.  Articles and reviews that are overly opinionated, have a lot of grammar problems, are not clear, have factual errors or are obvious advertising disguised as an article or review are examples of material which may be moved to another forum instead of being added to our main website.
  • Your Submission is Deleted.  If your submission breaks any of the forum rules (i.e. offensive, vulgar language, not PG, etc.) we will probably simply delete it.  All articles must be professional looking and follow all the same rules as forum posts.

We will notify you by private message (via the forum) whether or not your article was accepted for publication.

Criteria for Accepting Articles

  • We like it!
    Okay, let's be honest here.  No editor in the world is going to publish something they don't like.  We're the same. 
    (Hey, at least we are honest about it!)
  • It's useful to our readers.
    We want this site to be useful, so that is one of the criteria for accepting articles.
  • It fits into our website somehow.
    We have specific areas that our website covers, and quality articles appropriate to that would be most likely be approved.  If you submit something that doesn't fit into what we have now and its really good and useful to our readers, we may actually find a place for it!
  • You follow all the rules specified above.

How to Submit an Article

You must be registered member of the website (don't worry, it's free) and post a New Topic in the Submit an Article or Review Forum (the one you're in now).

That's it!

Thanks and good luck!

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

Posted By: Scott
Date Posted: 12 Dec 2006 at 8:04pm
Copyright Reminder

We can only accept articles that you have written or have permission from the author to submit to our website.  Please do not submit articles someone else wrote.

Thank you. Smile

Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff - WisTex | - Complete Hosting Guide

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