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   Friday, May 29, 2020 

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 CaribbeanChoice : Articles & Submissions : Submit an Article or Review
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bullet Topic: Rules for Submitting Articles
    Posted: 12 Sept 2004 at 6:47am

Rules of Submitting Articles:

  • Forum Post Rules Apply. 
    All articles MUST follow the same rules as forum posts.
  • You Must Provide a Real Name or Pen Name.
    We will publish your name or pen name next to your submission if we decide to publish it.  Your forum profile has a space where you can submit your "Real Name."  Enter your real name or pen name as you want it to appear with your article.  Your "Real Name" is not the same as your forum login name.
  • Professionalism Counts! 
    We are looking for professional looking articles & reviews.  Submit articles to us as if you were submitting an article to a newspaper or magazine.
  • Accuracy Counts.
    Articles must be factually correct.
  • Do Not Pass Off Opinion as Fact.
    You are welcome to state your opinions, but please do not misrepresent your opinions as being facts when they are not.
  • Be Fair and Objective.
    Do not be overly biased, hostile or aggressive in your acticle.  It is okay and even good to express your opinions, but we are not interested in publishing hostile or overly negative articles.  It is possible to express any point of view without being overly negative or hostile. On the other hand, articles that unfairly praise something, especially if they use inaccurate or twisted facts to do so, will not be published either.
  • It must be your own work.
    You must own the copyright to the work you submit.  You may not submit someone else's work.
  • Each Author Must Have Their Own Account.
    Every author must have their own CaribbeanChoice account.  You cannot submit articles for different authors under one CaribbeanChoice account. 
  • Accounts in a Company or Organization's Name.
    If the author is a company or organization and not an individual, an account can be created in the name of the organization and you can submit articles using that account.  Make sure you specify the author's name in the "Real Name" field of your profile.  You must be a duly authorized representative of the organization to create and use an account created for a company or organization. We may contact the company or organization directly to verify this.
  • Copyright Infringement.
    It is illegal and unethical to submit an article written by someone else and say that you wrote it.  If we are informed that you have submitted information to this website and it belongs to someone else (i.e. you infringed on someone else's copyright), we have the right to report all the information we know about you, including your computer's IP address, to the proper authorities.
  • External Links.
    You may link to other websites, but it must not be excessive and the websites you link to must be quality sites.  Too many external links and you run the risk of your article being deemed an advertisement.
  • Resource Box.
    You may optionally include a resource box at the bottom of your article with a little short blurb about the author (you) and a link to your website and/or contact information.  Please keep it short & sweet and don't go overboard on the self-promotion.
  • Press Releases.
    Companies are welcome to submit their press releases for publication, however, they are more likely to be deemed advertising and placed in the MarketPlace Forum instead unless they are written like an article that would be of interest to our readers.  Any press release or announcement must be newsworthy to be featured in the main section of the website.
  • Use the Default Fonts.
    All articles must use the same font that we use on our website (which is the default font when you submit an article).  If you don't use the default font and/or we don't like your font choices, they will probably be changed.  Articles submitted and approved for publication on our site will be made to look like the other information on our website.  So don't bother making your article fancy.  We will change the fonts to conform to our look & feel anyway.
  • Quoting and Fair Use.
    Copyright law allows you to quote other authors as long as the quoting is not excessive and you give full credit.  This is called Fair Use.  If you quote someone, you must enclose what they said in "quotation marks" and give them credit for saying or writing that.  You may not be excessive in your quoting of someone else and always give credit where credit is due.

Article Submission Agreement & Policies

  • It is assumed that by submitting the article to this website that you are the author and copyright holder of the work submitted.  Your name, as you specified in your forum profile, will appear as the author of the article.  You agree to only submit work in which you wrote and you own the copyright for.
  • By submitting your article here, you are granting us perpetual non-exclusive rights to display your work on this and other websites, in our promotional material, and in books and other material produced by Inc.
  • We agree to give you credit for your work by publishing your name as the author of the work.  In some situations, we may also provide a link to your forum profile where you can provide additional information about yourself, including your website address.
  • We have the right to edit, delete, move or otherwise change your submission at any time for any reason.  We are not obligated to approve or display your article, and if we do approve and display your article, we may continue to do so as long as we want but are not obligated to continue doing so.
  • We may use exerpts or quotes from your submission without publishing the entire article.  We will give you credit, as always, when we do this.
  • If an article you wrote has been found to contain factual errors, we have the option of editing or deleting it or requesting that you change and resubmit it.  If the changes are minor then we will most likely make the changes ourselves.  If the changes would change the meaning or intent of your article (in our eyes) or require a major rewrite, we will probably remove it and/or ask you to resubmit an updated version.
  • As the copyright holder of the article, you have the right to have your article printed elsewhere.  You are only giving use the perpetual right to use it, but it does not effect your right to use it or allow other people to use it.
Scott M. Stolz Inc. Staff
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