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   Sunday, January 24, 2021 

European Union United Kingdom Cayman Islands Cayman Islands: Culture and History

The three islands that comprise the Cayman Islands are Grand Caymans, Little Caymans and Caymans Brac. The population is comprised of 113 different nationalities with the majority of non-Caymanians from Britain and Jamaica. English is the primary language spoken by the great majority of people.

The Cayman Islands are blessed with a number of different seafoods with turtle and conch being very prevalent among the many different dishes. Jamaican culture has also seeped into the Cayman Islands culture, as is evidence by the jerk seasonings in their meats and fishes. There are number of other Caribbean favorites found in the Cayman Islands dishes such as cassava, fish-tea, Johnny cakes, patties, breadfruit, pumpkin and ackee. The islands have also created several marine parks, birds and sanctuaries and other nature reserves.

The Cayman Islands were originally called "las Tortugas" because of the many turtles that were all around when Christopher Columbus came there in 1503. When Francis Drake got to the Cayman Islands, they were commonly called Caymanas which is a Carib word when translated means crocodiles. In 1655, Oliver Cromwell's army invaded Jamaica and the Treaty of Madrid in 1670 officially declared the Cayman Islands, British property falling under Jamaican administration. The British Crown pretended that they were unaware of the Caymans being harassed by privateers and pirates. Pirates kept visiting the Cayman Islands, such people like Sir Henry Morgan, and Edward Teach, better known as "black Beard". Cayman and its inhabitants made seafaring a way of life and over the years, turtle hunting, shipbuilding and fishing were the main elements of economics.

The Cayman Islands have its governor appointed by the Queen of England. The legislators and ex-official members who are appointed by the governor make the laws of the islands. It is a tax haven for many American and European rich people because of the many offshore banks in that area.

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