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   Monday, July 13, 2020 

Vote for your Country in the Battle of the Islands! The History of The International Movement 1996

By Henry Antoine
Caribbean Carnival Ambassador

The International Caribbean Carnival Association (I.C.C.A.), was formed out of a need for unity through out the Carnivals Communities in North America and Europe. For many years there was an influx of people, going up the stairs to N.C.C offices from every Carnival in North America and Europe. We all were making many different requests, it was very difficult for N.C.C. to respond to all of our demands at the same time In 1986 a meeting was organized by Mr. Carlos Lezama and myself, at the ministry of Sport, Culture and youth affairs at Eastern main Road, Laventille. At that time we met with Mr. C.P.A. St. Hill , at that meeting we were told that it was difficult for N.C.C to deal with the many requests that was coming to them, at that time I told Mr. Carlos Lezama that I have an idea, but you will have to help me with it when I got back to Montreal.

I had conceptualized a plan, and that was to bring as many Carnival groups together to form an umbrella body which will deal with conflict, to act as Mediators, and Negotiate with Government bodies, Organize seminars, assist in developing new and existing Carnivals and speak for all Carnivals when approaching N.C.C. and all other common interest. I believe that a united front would be the best way to go .I traveled to London England, where I met with Mr. Alex Pascal the President then of the Nottingham Hill Carnival Committee where I lobbied them to come to Canada for the conference so that we would get together and form one body. My next job was to persuade Mr. Carlos Lezama the President of West Indian American Carnival Day Association to come to the conference because he told me that he was fed-up and tired with the way we were treated every year by N.C.C. and Governments in general. I told him we must give it one last shot and if he don't come to the conference, then it wouldn't make sense having it, since they are one of the bigger Carnivals.

We then agreed on a date, I succeed in getting him to come to the conference along with Mr. Errol Payne , Who is one of the founders of Toronto, Caribana The conference was held on the 14 to 16th November, 86. The conference was sponsored by me, because I believe in what I was doing, the meeting was chaired by me and the minutes were taken by Ms. Lynette Edwards. In attendance was Dr. A Quamina the High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tobago at that time, two city officials from Montreal, and the following Carnival Cities , New York, Toronto, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Washington, England, Baltimore and Montreal, Miami was invited but couldn't attend because of circumstances, and they were considered by us as one of the groups that form the International movement.

We discussed and agreed on a name, the name was North American-England International Carnival Association. The name was then abbreviated by Mr. Wilber Wright from Toronto, Caribana at that time, as N.A.E.I.C.A. We then had Elections and the following persons were elected to office, Mr. Henry Antoine, President from Montreal. Mr. Carlos Lezama First-vice-President from New York, Mr. Wilber Wright Second-Vice-President from Toronto, Ms. Joyce Bacchus Secretary from London England, Mr. Winston Barclay-Treasure from Baltimore Mr. Sebastian Joseph-Chairman of the board, from Boston, Mr. Errol Payne-Art Director from New York The meeting was concluded on the 16th, November, 86 at 1.30 p.m. and we had a united body form officially.

After seven years I was approached by Mr. Selman Lewis, Mr. Desmond Worrell and Mr. Sam Lewis at a meeting where we discuss the reconstruction of the North American England International Carnival Association and here we are today with the International Caribbean Carnival Association. I.C.C.A. of which this will be the fourth year of the reconstruction and after absence for three years as President, I am happy to be elected once again as the President of The International movement, actually the International movement would be celebrating its tenth year, 1986 -1996 the reason that I have taken the time to inform you about the movement is because I believe that we must have some background on the International movement for our members.

A video of the conference is available for all members upon request, Thank you for taking the time to read through the History of the International Movement. I hope that this would be useful to you and your organization.

The International movement was design to act as a parent body, which would also serve as an infrastructure for all its member Organization. This information was prepared and Presented by Mr. Henry Antoine, Founder of the International movement 1986-1996.


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