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   Sunday, January 24, 2021 

United States of America Flag New York Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival

Brooklyn, New York, United States
9/1/2008 (Where's the current dates?)

West Indian American Day


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J'Ouvert, or jour ouvert in French meaning daybreak, began in Trinidad in 1937. Today J'Ouvert is also celebrated in New York as a predawn festival on Carnival day. In keeping with tradition, steel drums are the only forms of music that will be played. Revelers in J'Ouvert wear costumes also, but unlike Carnival day, J'Ouvert costumes are inexpensive and are often creations that mock political issues, celebrities, and prominent events. The predawn celebration begins at 2am at Grand Army Plaza by the Library, travels through Flatbush to empire Blvd, and ends on Nostrand Avenue and Linden Blvd.

Labor Day Carnival Day!

The West Indian American Day Carnival is the biggest parade in New York with over 3 million participants each year. The parade depicts elaborately designed costumes, illustrating beauty and pageantry. There are many masqueraders and huge sound trucks, some with live performers. The service roads have stands of vendors lined up selling foods, crafts, books, clothing, art, jewelry, and much more. The parade begins at 11am and ends at 6pm. There will be live performers in front of the viewing stage at the Brooklyn Library. The parade rout begins at the corner of Rochester & Eastern Parkway and ends near Grand Army Plaza where non-masqueraders can jump up with the bands.

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 Contact Information     

General Information:
West Indian American Day Carnival Association Inc.
Attn: Yolanda Clarke
Tel. 516-338-0978
Fax: 718-773-3416

Brooklyn Bandleaders Contact:
Attn: Desmond Chase
Tel. 732-254-7855
Fax: 732-254-4434

Brooklyn J’Ouvert Contact:
Attn: Yvette Rennie
Tel. 718-462-4320

Official Website:

Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival external website external website

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Guests says:

I plan to be at the parade on labor day (I am driving from Austin Texas) and want to know if any restuarants sell panamanian food or beer in the area? Thanx

Posted on 29 Apr 2008 at 4:32pm | View Post in Forum

Joseph says:

Yes madam, I have gone to try a meal of Trini Roti and chicken at a local Restaraunt. It was a good experience.  I took some time to ask the chef about the various ways that  Jerk chicken  or the  curry chicken could be prepared so he gave me a mouthful of ways  He went to  explain  that  jerk chicken could be grilled, fried, friggasee, skewered, roasted, baked, boiled, brown-stewed, barbecue.  

Posted on 20 Nov 2003 at 8:57am | View Post in Forum

trinid says:

Ok, guys, for some serious spice in this Jerk connection.  I can see that you'll have not tasted a good Trini curry.  Nothing can beat a good chicken or goat curry with roti.  It's like you are alive and experiencing heaven.  (realise I did not say died and gone to haven) It is just that good.  Check out the recipies section.  why not try it.

Posted on 08 Oct 2003 at 4:42pm | View Post in Forum

Scott says:

Sounds good.  I'll add that to the recipe next time I update the site.

Posted on 07 Oct 2003 at 11:41pm | View Post in Forum

Joseph says:


I certainly believe that this would be a good thing "Suggesting that the longer that you marinate the meat the better results that you will get"! 

Posted on 07 Oct 2003 at 9:18am | View Post in Forum

Scott says:


I was looking at the B.B.Q. Jerk Chicken Recipe in the recipes section and it does say marinate at least an hour.  Maybe we should mention that the longer you marinate it, the better results you get.  What do you think?

Posted on 06 Oct 2003 at 3:54am | View Post in Forum

trinid says:


Posted on 06 Oct 2003 at 1:39am | View Post in Forum

Joseph says:

Hey geek_row,

You certainly did a great job on your jerk. Your cooking was a success. You are correct if you marinade the chicken for twenty four hours or longer the seasoning goes straight through to the bone.The seasoning will not fall off then but would appear liquified.Try this again and let me know what results you got.

Posted on 06 Oct 2003 at 12:28am | View Post in Forum

Scott says:

Isn't it delicious!

I'm not a cook, I just eat the stuff.  

I'll have to let someone who knows cooking answer any questions about cooking techniques.  I'm of the type who can set off the fire alarm just by boiling water! 

Edited by Scott
Posted on 02 Oct 2003 at 2:35am | View Post in Forum

geek_row says:

Hey Scott, Tried the Chicken Jerky this weekend. It was good however I only marinaded it for an hour (see instructions) and cooked it on the grill. Most of the sauce fell off - which was a shame because the sauce was out of this world. Next time I do it I'll try letting it marinate for twenty-four hours or wrapping it in tin foil as I place it on the grill. Why is it that the only animal we eat before its born or after its dead is Chicken?                

Posted on 30 Sept 2003 at 2:38am | View Post in Forum

Joseph says:

I am very partial to Jerk seasoning, that authentic Jamaican flavor  To the uninitiated, Jerk is a mixture of herbs and spices, preferrably manufactured by Walkerswood or Grace, when rubbed into your favourite fish or meat and left to marinade overnight, gives it that tantalizing flavour that just tickles your taste buds.  That's what I am talking about.  By the way, if you go to recipes on this site, you should find several recipes using the Jerk seasoning.  Please take care to apply it in its suggested portions.  If you don't, you will have a spicy experience, that is less jerk, less spice, less heat.  This means that does not need to be hot.

Posted on 24 Sept 2003 at 5:47pm | View Post in Forum

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