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   Friday, July 10, 2020 

European Union Netherlands ArubaPlanning A Wedding On The Beaches Of Aruba

By Greg Schueler

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 Travel Guide     

It seems that beaches offer more than just sun and sand these days... they serve as ideal stages for exchanges of "I do's" as well.

In a study conducted by Cosmopolitan Magazine, it was revealed that 14 out of every 17 females would rather have a dream wedding in an unconventional setting. 9 out of those 14 females would want their dream wedding to be held on the beach.

Indeed, a beach wedding is, without a doubt, the most popular dream wedding setups of today. The environment would really make the exchange of vows truly memorable, not only for the would-be spouses, but for the guests as well.

Aruba, a 33 kilometer stretch of pure white sand in the region of Lesser Antilles in the middle of the South Caribbean Sea, is one of the most desired destinations for couples who are planning that fairy tale beginning for their marital union.

What makes Aruba a fantastic choice for the realization of a couple's wedding of their dreams? Take a look at the following:

* Aruba's long stretch of beach is composed of sand that is considered one of the whitest and most powder-like in the world. Tourists are unanimous in stating that Aruba's sand looks so clean and sacred that it's utter disrespect to walk on it with shoes or sandles. The amazingly white sand is the perfect complement for the white motif of the bride's gown. It's also the best reason why the couple and the guests should attend the ceremony barefooted, something they are sure to cherish and remember for a lifetime.

* Aruba has hundreds of establishments, most of which are perfectly capable of hosting the reception to follow. Whether you're planning a hip party at the Boardwalk, or a classy dinner at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Aruba Beach Resort, or a laid-back, reggae-themed dance-a-thon at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, Aruba can offer a particular place that will suit your desires.

* Choices, choices, choices... it's all about choices. The problem with a beach wedding is that you're limited to what's available in the place you're considering. This isn't the case with Aruba. Aruba has so many things to offer that your mind will explode with excitement by merely considering each and every possibility. A yacht wedding? Rent one at the marina. Promising to each other that only death will separate you, while you're both flying in the air close to the heavens above? Avail of affordable para-sailing packages offered by numerous resorts.

* Aruba is a completely structured community that can offer every requisite for every form of wedding a couple can choose to celebrate. A civil wedding? The Civil Town House awaits your arrival. A Catholic wedding? Several churches abound in Aruba. A Jewish wedding? The Aruban Cantor is always at your service. A ship wedding? If your national law allows the captain of the boat to solemnize a wedding, then you have thousands of boats and captains to choose from!

* Honeymoon's just a step away. Aruba is the place that can lay the best claim on the title "Paradise On Earth." After the wedding ceremony, the perfect honeymoon's just a few steps away. An evening walk under a moonlit sky, a nice dinner by the beach with the waves tickling your feet, the refreshing evening air savored while you and your partner enjoy your talks and the silence in between. Many of Aruba's establishments also offer couple activities that newlyweds can partake of, to ensure truly memorable moments that they can share with their kids as well as their grandchildren.

 About the Author     

Travel Guide Greg Schueler stands by ready to assist in all of your travel needs. We can help you find the best deals when you travel to Aruba. For online travel guides to planning a wedding on a beach, go to

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    tammy009 says:

    It is thought that the first engagement rings were also made of woven rushes and reeds, just as the wedding bands were. However, it was not a ring that the lady wore on her finger. Instead, it was a cord that the caveman used to bind the hands and feet of the woman he had selected to be his wife. Eventually, it was tied around her hands and then to her finger, once he knew she was going to stay.

    cheap engagement rings | wedding rings sets

    Posted on 23 Oct 2011 at 10:12pm | View Post in Forum

    Citizen Eve says:

    ... good wine ... grilled foods ... great friends ... naked guests ... making memories ... Evil%20Smile ...

    Posted on 07 Jan 2011 at 1:17pm | View Post in Forum

    vutjebal says:

    Ohhh Yeah....Scott ...... I think  Aruba  will be  a good place to get married and spend the honeymoon ..... Many people like to marry on the beaches of Aruba ..... !!!!

    Posted on 05 Jan 2011 at 6:10pm | View Post in Forum

    Scott says:

    What would your ideal beach wedding be like?

    Posted on 05 Jan 2011 at 6:00pm | View Post in Forum

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